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It's kinda like "Sarcasm" but here... read the title!
Submitted By AJN_HawaiianDude_Cal on 11/08/18
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Okay, this is a simple post: say random, good jokes that will make people lol.  *They dont have to be made by you!!!*
I'll start:  Whaddya call a cow with no legs?  (What?)  Ground beef!
Whaddya call a cow with two legs? (What?) Lean beef!
Whaddya call a cow with three legs?  (What?) Tri-tip!
Whaddya call a cow with one eye? (I made this one up.... anyways, What?)  Rare!

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Posted 2011/08/18 - 14:22 GMT
3 whales fell out of a plane and 2 smashed into the ground and one hit the water. Bud ump *claps* sorry, itd be better if you actually saw me do it.
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Posted 2011/08/27 - 21:18 GMT
What stars go to jail?
Shooting Stars
What is the difference between a blind man & a sailor?
One can't see to go, and one can't go to sea.
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Posted 2011/08/27 - 21:20 GMT
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Posted 2011/08/27 - 21:23 GMT
Hehe. I write that when I put like nothin xcept for LOL! Or :D And it says that. Lol. I copy it.

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