The A340
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My favorite plane
Submitted By Sven_TPOA_SWA_737 on 11/08/27

Hi all. Since this is TPOA, I'm writing about my favorite plane. I'm sure you all don't care about this post, even though, TPOA is: The Pilots of Awesomeness... So anyways, here's the A340! The A340 is a HUGE passenger plane. It is a one story ultra long range airliner. It is a comfy airliner. :D It has great speed and 4 engines. I want to fly the A340 for Philippine Airlines. Sorry if you don't care, but that's TPOA for you.

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Posted 2011/08/28 - 23:30 GMT
I was right! -.-
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Posted 2011/08/30 - 18:14 GMT
Heh. I'm back into the 767 now. Well, still people don't reply xcept for Alex on these kinds of posts.
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Posted 2013/04/29 - 3:48 GMT
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