Life or Death
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Submitted By AJN_HawaiianDude_Cal on 11/09/24

I saw Sven's post on his book, so I decided to post my own :D
I've been working on a series of books, called Life or Death, for about six months now.  I'm on my second book right now, and it's way more action packed than my first XD
Anyways, this is only my first, I'm going to post in sections of two chapters each, probably not posting the entire book, because it's around 40 chapters...  XD
Anyways, here we go!!!

Chapter 1

My name’s Cal but only some of my friends call me Chance because of all of the “lucky chances” I get—still, not many people call me Chance.  I’m 5’6”, I have long dark brown hair, and tan skin.  My friend Nicolo and I are 14 years old.  He’s also 5’6” and looks like me, except he has a more Philippine face.  Nicolo was working with me in our laboratory.  Our lab was our hideout, house, bedroom, garage, and more.  We had worked there for more than seven years.  This was our master project.  We had been brainstorming for several months and now we were making the final project.  Nicolo said it was going to be “The new face of technology,” but I didn’t think it would be very grand.  We were making some sort of… potion… that Nicolo thought of. I had no clue what it would do. All of a sudden, steam burst out of a metal pipe.  The heat was rising unnaturally fast.  I kept working, not realizing it.  All of a sudden, everything turned blurry.  I didn’t know what was going on.  Nicolo yelled something, I think, but it sounded like a mumble.  I slumped down, trying to think how to get out and what to do.  All of a sudden, everything turned black, and I fainted.

                                                                Chapter 2

            Freezing water poured over my face.  Where was I?  What was going on?!  I heard Nicolo say, “Chance, get up…  Get up… You fainted in the lab.  I got you out of the lab right before-,” his voice trailed off.  “Nicolo, it’s alright to call me Cal.” I said.  Back to the point. “’Right before’ what?” I asked drowsily. He said, “Right before… the lab exploded…”  I gasped.  “How did the lab explode?” I yelled.  “The heat and steam made the pressure go up.” Nicolo said.  I got up and dusted myself off.  It seemed that I was… sleeping on the floor.  “Where are we?” I asked.  “We’re in my helicopter. Well, my dad’s helicopter.  We rented it.” he said, smiling.  Then, he opened up the door and looked back at me.  He motioned to the door, but I said, “You’re so not going to make me jump out.  I don’t even have a parachute!”  He replied, “I so am going to make you jump out.”  I stepped back, but he grabbed me by the shoulders.  He pushed me out the door.

            I was falling at about 100mph without a parachute.  I was already yelling at Nicolo about what to say in my obituary.  I could literally see my life flashing in front of my eyes.  Oh well, at least I won’t die in the apocalypse! I thought to myself.  But, deep inside, I knew dying of this would be much worse.  “Adieu, monde cruel!  Man, je vais mourir le pire type de la mort!  Je vais etre dans les nouvelles pour le garcon qui s’est suicide!”  Then, I felt a weird tingling in my back.  Cal, stay calm, that’s the feeling of death.  I thought sarcastically to myself.  Then, seconds later, I stopped falling.  All of a sudden, I flew up very quickly.  What was going on?!  I turned my head around.  And what I saw made could have made me the most scared teenager on Earth.


PM me if you want to be in my story (you won't be in for a while-- after all, the first book's finished...  :P  (Sorry this isn't related to Mars XPLR!!!)

P.S.:  If you want to read Sven's first chapter, look here.
>>Ch. 3-4<<
>>Ch. 5-6<<
>>Ch. 7-8<<
*ALSO!!!* None of this takes place in our home city/state.  I made it that way so it wouldn't give away personal information :)  Nobody's ages or birthplace or city are the real city/state they live in :)

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Re: Life or Death
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Posted 2011/09/24 - 19:04 GMT
It's okay. I love the story! :D Cal brought a sample to class. Keep it up, Cal! Err.. Chance! >.>
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Re: Life or Death
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Posted 2011/09/25 - 22:48 GMT
WOW- the suspense!!  : PP  : )
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Re: Life or Death
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Posted 2011/09/29 - 1:29 GMT
Lol. Hey Chic, read my story?
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Re: Life or Death
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Posted 2011/10/07 - 21:52 GMT
Love it Cal! keep up the good work
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Re: Life or Death
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Posted 2011/10/07 - 21:54 GMT
JAKE!!!!! HIYA!!! lol caps :P
hehe... have you played yet?  Click Play and login to your account (we don't know anybody but (sparky914199) and you.  :D
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Re: Life or Death
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Posted 2011/10/07 - 21:55 GMT
Hey Jake! Like the site?

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