Life or Death
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Chapters 3-4
Submitted By AJN_HawaiianDude_Cal on 11/10/01
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Chapter 3


            As I turned around, I saw something that really would make me a world headliner.  I saw tan and white wings coming out of my back.  My back was really hurting right now from falling at 100mph and pulling out wings.  I flapped up… and down… up… and down…  Then, I tilted myself upward and flew up to the helicopter.  Nicolo opened up the door of the helicopter and I flew in, my wings tucked in.  Nicolo apparently knew about the wings because the first thing he said was, “What color are they?”  I opened up my full 14ft. of feathery awesomeness.  I said, “Nicolo, you gotta take some of this potion; it’s a-ma-zing.”  Nicolo, decided that he didn’t want some for now, but I knew it would be pretty soon until he would have to take it.  In the helicopter, we flew over a huge building.  It already seemed evil, by the looks of it.  I told Nicolo to open up the door of the helicopter, and I jumped out and pulled out my wings.  I was really getting the hang of the whole “wings” business.  I flew down and peered through one of the windows of the building.  Apparently, the corporation was called “Gemini.”  As I peered through the window, I saw that they were copying Nicolo’s idea of human-avian hybrids!  There were only five of them.  Then, I walked over to the other window.  It was a room where… they were making lion-human hybrids!  They were furry, but looked like humans, so I thought they were able to transform from lion to human.  The sign in there said, “Project 1527908: Wipeout.”  There were already a bunch of those furry lion-humans walking around.  Apparently, the scientists had already known who I was and they had known about the potion.  Also, they were probably built to attack--- and kill--- me.  They were called Experiment 267.  I would probably just call them something like: Bots.   Then, one noticed me.  I was doomed.  He turned around and charged.










Chapter 4


            As the Bot charged, he jumped on a table, broke it, and lunged at me.  He smashed through the window, and I punched the Bot in the face.  “So, who are you?” I growled, trying to be menacing.  “Who are you?” He asked.  “I asked first!” I said.  “I’m Axel.  Now who are you?” he asked.  Right when I was about to respond, he lunged again.  I dodged and pulled out my wings.  I ran forward and took off.  I flew to the window where I saw the other hybrids.  I broke the window and yelled at the test subjects to get out.  I actually pulled one out.  They all had wings because of the evil scientists giving them the potions.  Even if they did have wings, they probably wouldn’t know how to use them.  Either way, I just screamed at them to get out and flap for their lives.  Only two of the five knew how to use their wings.  I quickly taught the others how to use their wings.  They flapped awkwardly up, up, and up.  They flew to our helicopter and Nicolo asked, “Who are they?”  By that time, I was wondering the same thing.  There were 2 girls and 3 boys.   I asked each of them their names and ages.  The three boys names’ were: Cooper, who has copper wings, very light tan skin and freckled, and  has short light brown hair, and is about 5’4”), who was 13, Carson who was 14 (and had short blond hair, white skin, and was about 5’6”), and Jared (who we called Sven, and has long-ish light brown hair, tan-ish skin, and freckles, who was  5’5”), who was 14.  Then, I asked the girls their names’.  They were: Aly (who we called Creature, for no reason, who had long brown hair, tan skin, and was 5’6”) who was 14, and Jennifer (who we called Trinity because of her trickiness, somewhat tan skin, and had blonde hair, 5’3”) who was 14.  Carson had pure white wings, Sven had brown and white wings, Creature had red-brown wings, and Trinity had… spray painted her wings… pink.  “Trin, where did you get the spray paint? And why did you even spray paint your wings?” Everyone asked almost simultaneously.  “I stole it.” She replied.  “Wow, first day on the job and she’s already stolen something…” I heard Nicolo whisper to Creature.  All of a sudden, Cooper yelled “How about we go out and practice some maneuvering!”  There was a jumble of mixed emotions until someone said casually, “Yeah, let’s do this!”


Again, PM me if you want to be in the story.


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