Life or Death
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Chapters 5-6
Submitted By AJN_HawaiianDude_Cal on 11/10/02
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*4 chapters out today!*

Chapter 5

            It seemed that everyone in our Flock was excited, even the parents.  But, before the fun started, about 20 Bots were coming from the north.  I told everyone our battle plan.  I flew up, so none of the Bots would notice me unless they looked up.  I scanned the area, and all of the Bots had… guns.  Crud.

            I flew over to them, and practically dive-bombed them.  I pulled my wings in, dropped like a rock, and smashed my feet down hard on one of the Bots’ shoulders.  He fell down on the ground, screaming for mercy.  “Help!” He screamed.  My dad was charging up on one Bot, and he took the head, wrapped his arms around it, and kneed it in the stomach.  It was practically crying on the ground.  It spoke French.  It said, “Vous ne serez jamais nous vaincre! Je peux mourir, mais je ne vais pas mourir en vain!” But then, I replied, “Oui, vous mourrez en vain.  Vous allez mourir une horrible mort douloureuse au combat!” Eventually, once everyone was done fighting, and all of the Bots were either dead or they fled.

            Since my uncle was a pilot, he got us a plane.

            We got an amazing Canada Regional Jet 700 (CRJ700).  I flew next to the plane the entire ride back to the desert where the rest of the flock was waiting.  When the plane landed, dust flew everywhere on the runway.  Where exactly were we?  I looked around.  Edwards AFB. We were at flippin’ EDWARDS AFB!  What would they do to us?!  I got everyone into the plane, and we took off to LA.  After about 2 hours of non-stop talking, playing, and flying safely, we landed in LA.  Everyone hopped out of the plane, and everyone had an ear-to-ear smile on. We rented a car, and we took a tour of the city.  We stayed at an old, junky hotel.  Eventually, we decided to go to Las Vegas.  We flew out there, very quickly. We landed at McCarren, where Sven and Cooper were practically jumping out of their seats.  We rented a room at Mandalay Bay where, every morning, I went downstairs to get into the Shark Reef for free.  We relaxed all day for two days.  All we did was adventure around the city.  We were used to the city, after all, we were average teens.  Then, we decided to attack Gemini.  We flew out to Edwards AFB, where we rushed out into the open desert.  Eventually, we saw the building.  Bots were patrolling the area, and Carson muttered to himself, “Home deadly home…” I heard Nicolo and Cooper laugh quietly.  We eavesdropped on some Bots’ that were talking, and all of the Bots had European accents.  I wondered if the Gemini World Headquarters was in Europe.  Then, I heard something that really scared me. One of the Bots said, “Operation Wipeout will be a major success.  It shall wipeout more than half of Earth’s population.  This will be the apocalypse.  It will devastate the human race.”

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