Life or Death
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Chapters 7-8
Submitted By AJN_HawaiianDude_Cal on 11/10/03
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*The perfect end to the perfect weekend!  Another two chapters!* :)

Chapter 7

            Our tent fort seemed physically impossible.  From the outside, it looked like a regular, average, bent-up tent.  From the inside, on the other hand, it was Heaven on Earth.  It had a flat-screen, sofa, beds, etc.  It was almost as if the tent were just a camouflage tarp covering the real thing.  After a few days of spying on people to see if they knew about Wipeout, we decided to leave.  There was absolutely nothing to learn about Gemini from the people in Hawai’i.  We packed up our tent and decided to go buy a laptop.  Our laptop would allow us to search anything that might help us find out about Gemini.  We bought a Toshiba i7.  The first thing we did was: we Google’d Gemini.  It said the world HQ. from Gemini was in… Munich, Germany?  Now that was some useful information.  I totally guessed it was in Europe!  Where do we start?  Hmm…  We decided to leave our camp.  Maybe the Shelley’s would find it and keep the supplies…  We flew dismally to Italy, and throughout the ride, everyone said, “Why do we keep moving?” at least 500 times… After a long time, I replied, “Because we aren’t normal people anymore!  All of our lives have been changes in suckish ways, and I know! We can’t just stay around in one spot! WE’LL BE KILLED!  We won’t be ‘regular’ anymore!  Now just be quiet! Nobody talk for the rest of the flight!”  Everyone stared at me like I’d done something wrong.  I knew I had, and I was in for a very, very long day.








Chapter 8

            Everyone stayed silent, just staring at me, as if time had frozen.  I waved my hands in front of everyone’s faces and they all flinched.  Apparently they were conscious, but they were obviously peeved off. At me.  Another mental note to self: Don’t yell at rest of Flock. They take it very personally…  I tried to apologize, but they didn’t even care.  I hoped they knew I was right, because, well, it was the truth…  After all, we had wings.  It’s not like you could just take them off.  We would never, ever be the same.  EVER.  Finally, after a few minutes of silence, Nicolo muttered, “Well, I think he’s actually right for once.  We won’t be the same, and we’ll just have to suffer through it.  Face the facts, guys.”  I knew I was right, I knew Nicolo trusted me, and I knew most of the others’ didn’t really trust me.  How should I get it to them?  Buy them all phones?  Give them money? No, and… no.  Bribing = uncoolocity (and yes, I make up my own words).  Since the plane flight to Italy was so long, I decided to sleep.  While I was drifting off, I heard what sounded like talking.  I heard someone who’s talking seemed to be coming from outside the plane.  What was going on?  All of a sudden, the entire plane shook.  I woke up quickly and looked out the window.  Nothing was going on outside.  Of that window.  I ran down the aisle in the plane and looked out the back window.  The engine was on fire!  I swiftly ran to the door where Carson was already standing.  Carson kicked open the door.  Luckily, everyone had their seat-belts on.  Carson hopped out (or rather, I pushed him out) of the plane, and I went next.  Crud!  We forgot a fire extinguisher!  I pulled in my wings and dropped like a rock towards the ground.  When I was about 1,000 feet away from splatting, I turned my body downwards, so my head was facing the ground, and I pulled out my wings…  When I got to the ground, I actually landed.  I found Canada Regional Jet Headquarters, and I used my telekinesis to grab an engine.  I flew up swiftly, the engine tailing me.  I used telekinesis to take the engine slowly off of the plane.  Right when I took it off, the plane spiraled slightly.  Carson tried to hold the engine, but it dropped like a rock.  Carson flew down with the flaming engine and when the engine hit the ground, it exploded.  A raging fire began, so Carson put it out with a random fire extinguisher he found in the building it almost hit.  I used telekinesis to stop the plane from spiraling and I slowly put the new engine in place.  I silently prayed the Hail Mary that the engine would work. I started to get a headache because of all of the telekinesis… Sure enough, it worked.  Luckily, it already had enough fuel to last us a loooong time.  Then, everything went fuzzy.  I tried to flap towards the plane, and I opened the door.  Right when it started to open, I flew back into the plane.  I stumbled in, and everything turned black.

 >:) (one part sounds REALLY mean but that's whatcha have to do in books... be menacing XD)

Also, you'll have to wait until next Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the next few chapters, so just hold tight! I can't come on on weekends (unless I sneak on). :)


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Re: Life or Death
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Posted 2011/10/03 - 3:52 GMT
Lol - u are being VERY suspenseful with this story. Teleconesis? (srry if i spelled it wrong, but it's a long word, >:P) Wow, u really plunged right into the storyline. A little sudden, don't u think? But it's still VERY good. :) When i read the first few chapters, i thought of the Hunger Games books, and i don't know why.
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Re: Life or Death
5 hours - 588v
Posted 2011/10/03 - 14:27 GMT
Still very suspenseful, even when I'm reading it for the second time!  And, I'm at school right now and have nothing better to do!  (jk)   : )       :-P
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Re: Life or Death
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Posted 2011/10/07 - 3:13 GMT
Hey, ever read my story... Sorry. I just feel left out.
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Re: Life or Death
20 hours - 2,223v
Posted 2011/11/03 - 23:47 GMT
The whole wings thing reminds me of X-Men :o Nice story so far!
Never read hunger games, though. I think I should, now >.>

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