Life or Death
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Chapters 9-12
Submitted By AJN_HawaiianDude_Cal on 11/11/23
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In fufillment of my promise to Vamp to publish 4 chapters tonight, here they are.  Hope you enjoy!  It took quite a while to edit all of this, so there might have been some errors and some random stuff that I didn't take out while publishing. :P
And there might be the frequent mention of "my mom, my dad, or my sister, Maile".  They're all in my published book but I decided to take them out for the TPOA-Edit.


Chapter 9

            “Wake up… Wake up... CAL!  WAKE UP!” were the first words I heard when I woke up after I fainted.

            “Wha-… Whaaa-… Wha’s goin’ on?” I muttered slowly and drowsily.  “You remember when you replaced the engine after it had caught on fire, right?” Cre said.  “Yeah,” I responded.  “Well, apparently, we’re in trouble, because…” her voice drifted off ominously, and I thought she was joking.  “Bots used jetpacks and stuffed a bomb in it; that’s why it caught on fire.”  “It’s a terrorist attack!” I blurted out.  “Actually, yes, it was.  Gemini apparently knows who we are, and they’re tracking us, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.” she said. 

            After a few more (pain filled, boring) hours, we landed in Florence, Italy.  We weren’t going straight to Munich; that would be stupid because we can’t just bust into Gemini HQ. in Germany.  We have to gather information about Gemini from other European countries.  We landed in Florence, and explored the city.  While in our hotel, we searched for gelato (because I insisted that we get gelato because it would, “Give us information on Gemini.”  Hey, a guy can relax when he wants to, right?).  We bought our gelato that would, “give us information on Gemini” and we cruised back to our shmancy hotel.  For about two days, we decided where we should go for information.  We decided to go to Venice to gather information.  We drove… er--- flew to Venice.  Luckily, nobody saw the kids with wings who were flying over the rooftops of Venice.  We landed silently in an alley between two beautiful buildings.  When we walked out of the alley… well, let me put it this way… IT WAS A-MA-ZING!  There were no streets.  Just water.  Instead of cars, there were boats.  But, when we saw someone pass by in a gondola, I looked at the oar very carefully.  It said:  GeminOar.  Apparently it was made by Gemini.  When the man in the gondola got out, the two things that happened next freaked me out.


Chapter 10

            The first thing I saw was in the inside of the boat.  Where the man was just sitting, it said, “Watch out, freaks.  We’re coming for you…  Gemini HQ. is soooo not in Germany.  Stupid writer, he thought he could trick us.  We already know it is in Munich. I thought to myself. Apparently Gemini was following us to Italy.  Then, when I turned my head, the man who was inside the gondola seemed to be a Bot.  His human body started to turn furry, like a lion.  Then, a mane came up around his neck.  He was a Bot!  And look at what was in his hand.  A ballistic knife and… crud, a P99 pistol.  Is that even legal to possess weapons openly?!  He took his ballistic knife and pointed it at me.  All of a sudden, Cre ran towards him and grabbed the knife in mid-flight.  SHE’S A NINJA!  I thought to myself.  Then, Cooper came up and punched it in the face before it could shoot at us.  Creature took the P99 pistol out of its hand and she jammed it, and smashed its head with the pistol.  Wow, I thought to myself, they’re ALL ninjas!  Right now, if we were back in Maine, my friend Taylor would be saying, “LOL.” if I called them ninjas out loud.  All of a sudden, Cooper and Trinity came out and kicked it in the back.  Sven and I karate-chopped its neck, and it fell to the ground.  It was still conscious, because it was trying to get up and keep fighting.  Carson came up, picked it up and threw it into the water.  Totally exhausted, it sunk into the water, no air bubbles coming up.  “Woo hoo!” we cheered.  We were exhausted, too.  We went back to our hotel and collapsed in the doorway.


            Two hours went by, and when I finally came to, I got everyone else up.  I looked at our clock, and it said… two days went by.  This was not good.  Not good at all.  We needed to move before Gemini found us and killed us.  I randomly blurted out, “TO FRANCE!”
















Chapter 11

            The first thing I noticed on our way to Paris, France, was:  how short the plane ride was.  That was probably because either:  aliens had reverse engineered our plane to find out how it worked, then put new, faster engines on, or, the countries were just really close.  I thought it was both ways.  We landed in a rugged field.  It was, let me say, not the most comfortable landing ever…

 Quickly, we flew to the city areas of Paris.  We stood on top of the Eiffel Tower, and we scanned the area.  I looked down and I saw what read: 1, 2, we’re coming for you, 3, 4, better lock your door, 5, 6, better… die?  Apparently they didn’t think of anything that rhymed with 6… Anyways, 7, 8 better shut your gate, 9, 10 and now… you’re… Ben?  Probably couldn’t think of anything to rhyme.  Anyways, a threat is a threat, no matter how stupid.  Then, we looked down, and a man with a revolver was coming up in the elevator.  What to do… What do do…?  I thought.  I mean, we couldn’t just jump off the Eiffel Tower… Well, we could anyways, but everyone would see our wings!  French citizens in the man’s elevator were screaming.  He held the gun up to three people’s heads.  He was pulling the trigger, and I thought to myself I can’t stand to see innocent Frenchies get killed.  I jumped.

            I flew over to the elevator and yelled, “Hey, idiot!”  Apparently he was English because he turned around and said, “Who you callin’ idiot?!”  “You, stupid!”  I said, practically screaming.  He raised the gun menacingly, pointing at my head.  “You wouldn’t do that to a fellow American!” I stupidly said.  “Oh, yes, yes I would.” he said.  He aimed, pointed, and pulled the trigger. 





Chapter 12

                After he shot me, I knew I was dead.  All of a sudden, two huge chunks of metal flew down from the sky.  They were maybe, 2-3 feet thick, 4 feet long, and 5 feet wide.  Was it raining metal?!  Nope, just… hmm…  I looked up and I saw Creature and Cooper brushing their hands off, and looking down with faces that said: All in a day’s work.  The bullet hit the metal chunks with a loud PANG!  Wow, they literally saved my life.  Carson and Sven jumped off, and Carson kicked the gun out of his hand, threw it down, and it smashed on the ground.  Sven round-housed him in the gut.              He slumped down in the elevator, and the “Frenchies” (as I call them) thanked us greatly.  And how would I know?  Well, je parlez FranÒ«ais!

            Anywho, we had to get back to the whole, “saving the world business.”  Whereith shallith thou goith nextith?  Sven thought we should go to Norway, but I disagreed.  We took a vote on Munich or Norway—the vote was Munich.


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