Wings Across America
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Submitted By pocketMAD on 12/09/04
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I will be commencing a trip across America! It will be from the PDX to the JFK in the default Boeing 747 and the default Boeing 777. I will use the 747 for really long distances and the 777 for distances that are Oregon-state wide distances. How I get there will be up to you.
Now I am not looking for the shortest route (its a straight line :P) nor the longest. I am look for an enjoyable route with a "reasonable" amount of stops. (8 airports at least, 15 at most)
I have came up with a plan that I would like to revolve around:
  1. PDX
  2. BOI
  3. MSP
  4. GGR
  5. DTW
  6. CLE
  7. PIT
  8. JFK
Should I add some airports? If so, which ones? Should I replace some airports with others?
You tell me.
I'll keep you updated throughout my trip. 
I just left the PDX in a B747-400. The trip from PDX to BOI is exactly 427 miles. The 747 has a limit on going up to 365 miles per hour (or is it knots?) anyhow, thats less than 2 hours. 

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