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Submitted By pocketMAD on 12/09/24
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Its 9 PM right now and I am so tired because I did a heckofulot of stuff today.
One of which was that I bought a leather journal to store all of my aviation hobbyist stuff. Like pictures of planes, drawings, airports, todolists, inboxes, outboxes, notes, stuff that I learned, etc.
Never use staples, btw. Use paperclips.
Sorry for the grammars. I want to go to bed.

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Posted 2012/09/24 - 4:12 GMT
Yeah. I'm pretty tired, from waking up early and going to bed late for the whole weekend, and going to a party on friday night, and then biking around for hours at a friends house, and simming on FSX for hours. 'Night man. And nice about the journal and your contents in it! I'll keep in mind to not use a staple ;)
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Posted 2012/09/24 - 4:22 GMT
You have a scanner? If so, can the pictures of planes and post on TPOA!!!

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